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We’ve moved to Lunicus

While we’ve not updated our blog for a while (years I hear you say!!!), we are still alive and kicking. This blog is still out there (obviously as you are reading this post). However we have now moved to LunicusĀ - where a copy of this blog also exists, albeit with added hi-res photos. It’s always [...]

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Day 167: Impressions of India

As we read in a fellow cyclist’s website on Asia cycling (Mr. Pumpy): “Broadly speaking India is divided into two distinct geographical halves – the top half and the bottom half. :p The top half is crazy, whilst the bottom half is not so crazy. Logically then, the smart cyclist rides the South, whilst the [...]

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Day 120: Impressions of Pakistan

People – Very generous and open hearted, sometimes embarassingly so! Of all the countries we have so far been through, we get the most friendly attention here, sometimes even get mobbed in towns with people crowding around us, all staring and eager to shake our hands. We are probably the first westerners most of them [...]

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Day 99: Impressions of Turkey

Fusion of East and West – Initially strange to the outsider, Turkey is an amazing fusion of Europe and Middle East. Intermingled in the streets of Turkey are shops selling fashionable western brands with old Arabian style bazaars, girls in mini skirts walking next to women clad in burkas and headscarves, old fashioned men-only coffee [...]

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