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Monthly Archive for July, 2006

Day 355: Sydney – WE’VE MADE IT!

355 days and 25,100kms from London, we finally got into Sydney on a lovely sunny day… When we had set off from London almost a year ago Sydney had seemed so far away – and deep in our hearts we had both wondered if we would ever make it this far… And now, unbelievably, here [...]

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Impressions of Australia

If we had to use one word to describe Australia, it would have to be BIG. Like most Europeans, we hadn’t realised quite how big until we got here – and on our second day of cycling discovered (to our great dismay) that a black dot on a map does not necessarily signify a town [...]

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Day 350: The final stretch

Now on the home stretch for Sydney, the end was finally in sight! We redoubled our cycling efforts to get to Sydney in time before our visas expired. On the Sturt Highway (east-west road stretching from Adelaide to Sydney) we went through miles and miles of boring farmland and great big empty plains. It was [...]

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Day 344: The book

As you probably imagine we will write a book about our experiences on this trip…and hope someone will want to publish it, and hope even further that somebody will want to read it! :p As well as this blog we have been keeping a detailed diary throughout the trip, with lots of stories to tell. [...]

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Day 339: Of mice and men…

Well even the best laid plans can sometimes go belly-up… Due to rapidly dwindling finances, following a still unsettled dispute with one of our suppliers which has left us over a thousand quid out of pocket, we have reluctantly decided to postpone the Canadian leg of our trip. We are also now a month late [...]

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Day 337: Wipe-out!

After our lovely break in Adelaide we double-backed to the Barossa valley, the most renown wine region of Australia. We thought it would be rude not to pay a visit to a vineyard (or twelve) for some wine-tasting on the way! Well someone has to do it… :p After Barossa we headed east towards the [...]

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